Seeking dynamic individuals

Employment Lead and Co-Lead

Work with the Employment Support Group to help the newcomers to find sustainable employment and to acquire the appropriate levels of English as a Second Language (ESL) for such employment.  This help to newcomers supplements the services they get from the Catholic Centre for Immigrants, provincial and municipal employment services, and a variety of ESL providers.  First jobs will often be entry-level, but newcomers should also acquire the skills needed to find better jobs in the future. 

The Employment Leads are responsible for developing an employment strategy and reporting to the Board on progress, as well as arranging for practical assistance such as:

  • Identifying the skills of the newcomers
  • Assisting with writing resumes and preparing for interviews
  • Developing contacts with potential employers
  • Distributing information on job openings to the newcomers and their mentors
  • Assisting newcomers to learn about trade or other certification and training opportunities
  • Establishing tailor-made ESL and cultural learning opportunities for the newcomers where needed to supplement other services

Housing Lead

Works with a small committee on all matters pertaining to the housing needs of those arriving from Arunachal.  For the first 3 months, housing is made available in-kind or at-cost, and subsequently, the newcomers are helped to obtain housing on the open market.  This includes:

Identifying the annual aggregate housing demands that the Settlement Project will have to respond to, getting advice from the Catholic Centre for Immigrants and other organizations, and identifying, planning for and securing in-kind and at-cost housing as well as information on rental housing to meet annual demand.

Assisting with leases and financial arrangements with the Treasurer, and coordinating with the In-Kind Lead if housing is unfurnished.

Scheduling, managing and monitoring the flow of people into and out of the assigned housing.