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Our vision is a thriving Tibetan community in Ottawa with at least 90 successfully established Tibetans from rural northeastern India by 2016. We have a volunteer board that directs our activities and maintains close contact with the national Project Tibet Society, our parent organization.

Our co-sponsor in this project is the Catholic Centre for Immigrants, a long-established provider of services to Ottawa’s new immigrants. The Centre’s Foundation uses CanadaHelps.org to collect online financial donations for the Ottawa project and issue tax receipts.

We collaborate with the newly created Ottawa Tibetan Community Association.

Upcoming Arrivals

The number of Ottawa-sponsored arrivals is now at 78 -- 20 more are still to come, but we don't know when yet.  They will bring our revised grand total to 98.  We'll post information on the next arrivals here, as soon as we receive it.

Our Newsletter

See our February 2016 Newsletter for the latest information on our activities.

Previous Arrivals - April 7, 2016 - 8 newcomers

5 single adults and a family of 3 arrived late and without luggage, but we provided a warm welcome!



March 4, 2016 Arrivals - 8 newcomers in 2 families

A day late, but better late than never! We are up to 70 Ottawa-sponsored arrivals now!

November 6, 2015 Arrivals - mom and her son

Chenga Lhamo and Pema Yeshi arrive to a small but warm welcome!  The flight was only 2 days late!


October 30 - Ottawa Friends of Tibet 19th Annual Benefit Dinner

A highlight for us: OFT donates to TRPO for its resettlement project the award money that OFT had received from Friends for Peace Day for its humanitarian work. Here Cornelius and Edwinna von Baeyer gratefully accept the donation from Jurme Wangda.  See also the poster for the dinner.

September 10, 2015 Arrivals - 11 more!

We saw the reunion of a family (dad and two sons join mom and daughter who came in July), as well as the arrival of a new family of six, and two single women.

A special moment for our chair who welcomed the 60th Ottawa sponsored arrival!





July 16, 2015 Arrivals - We welcomed 13 people!

The group included our youngest to date (8 months old), as well as a 2-and-a-half year old.  The total of arrivals is now over half of the 90 we are to receive.

See the story in the Ottawa Citizen by Anaïs Voski, with two photos.

April 1, 2015, Arrivals - Family of Dawa Tsering

Dawa Tsering is reunited with his wife Chechu Dolma and their daughter Tenzin Yangkey.  Our tenth airport arrival ceremony!




Hear Jurme Wangda, our Patron, on CBC Radio One's All in a Day, March 20, 2015 

Alan Neal, who first interviewed Jurme in 1997, talks to him again about his connections to the world of films, as well as to the growing Tibetan community in Ottawa.

February 5, 2015, Arrival

Dawa Tsering arrived in Ottawa to a warm welcome. His wife and daughter follow on April 1.




November 2014 arrival & anniversary

On November 19 Chhimey Dorjee arrived to a rousing welcome (after a lengthy delay in Toronto). 

On November 29, we celebrate the one-year anniversary of the first group to come to Ottawa!  We have come 1/3 of the way in reaching our goal of bringing 90 stateless Tibetans from India to Ottawa.  See the CBC news coverage.

September 2014 arrivals

Five Tibetans arrived in Ottawa to a warm welcome at midnight on September 11: Tenzin Dolker,Tsering Dolma, Sonam Sangmo, Tenzin Namgyal, and Tenzin Wangdak.  (Photos by Shannon Lough.)









And one more Tibetan arrived to a smaller but equally warm welcome at midnight on September 12: Kelsang Wangmo. (Photos by Eliza von Baeyer.)




Several of the new arrivals have relatives and friends among those who came in November and April -- the Ottawa Tibetan family is growing!

April 2014 arrivals

On April 5, our first family came to Ottawa -- the mother and three teenagers will join the father, Chime Palden, who came last November.  We welcome Kalsang Dickey, Tenzin Kunsel (17), Tenzin Tsering (16), and Tenzin Kunchok (12).

See the story in the Ottawa Citizen by Michael Woods (with 8 photos):  http://www.ottawacitizen.com/news/ottawa/Tibetan+family+reunites+Ottawa/9706149/story.html


Then on April 16, four single Tibetans landed: Kunsang Wangchuk, Kuku Lhamo, Tenzin Phentok, and Pema Choedon.  A sizable crowd welcomed them to Ottawa.



Finally, on April 23, five more single Tibetans came to Ottawa: Dorjee Chonzom, Tsering Dolker, Tenzin Palkey, Tsering Wangmo and Lhakpa Tsering (Jr.).   By the end of April 2014, the Tibetan population of Ottawa had effectively doubled!


11 Tibetan newcomers thank the Hon. Jason Kenney,
16 December 2013

10 Tibetans arrived November 29 – a warm reception on a cold night! One more arrived Dec. 14

See the arrival at the airport on CBC News Ottawa for Nov. 29.

See the Ottawa Citizen story of December 2.

House of Commons: MP Peggy Nash (NDP) welcomes Kaydor Aukatsang and the new arrivals.

We describe the project on CBC Radio

Hear Cornelius von Baeyer and Dawa Ghoso describe the planned arrival on Radio One's All in a Day with Alan Neal (Nov. 29).

Hear Cornelius and Samphe Lhalungpa describe our Film Night on All in a Day (Oct. 15).

Our founder blogs from Dharamsala

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Project Tibet Society

Project Tibet Society, our parent organization, manages the overall program to settle 1,000 Tibetans in Canada. Project Tibet Society works with Citizenship and Immigration Canada and the Central Tibetan Administration to ensure the success of this Canadian humanitarian project. Further information on the national project is available from Project Tibet Society.